Elle O'Flaherty

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Elle O'Flaherty is an executive coach, former federal litigator, and sought-after keynote speaker who delivers high-energy presentations. Elle will empower your organization to unleash the potential of your employees and create a culture where diverse thinkers thrive. Using real-world examples and science-based research, Elle sheds light on how the invaluable talent of each person in your organization can positively impact your mission.


Meeting planners love working with Elle because she brings both practical information and fun to their events. Organizations hire Elle to tap into their unrealized potential and help professionals focus on their top goals and priorities. Audiences love how she uses humor to deliver strategies for lasting change. Elle has been published in national and international outlets and speaks on productivity, professional motivation, creating ADHD-friendly environments, workplace culture, and innovations to support mental health, among many others. She is a certified executive, career, and ADHD coach who values optimizing performance by connecting people to their true potential.


Elle holds certifications in ICF-accredited executive, ADHD, and career coaching. She is the founder and CEO of Interlace Solutions, a coaching firm focused on working with executives, executive teams, and professionals with a subspecialty in ADHD coaching. Some popular areas of coaching are leadership, productivity, workplace culture, prioritization, organization, and building upon ADHD strengths, among many others.

Elle earned her J.D. from William & Mary and her B.S. in journalism from James Madison University. She has spoken to national and international audiences as a keynote and subject matter expert. Her work has been published in national and international outlets, and she is regularly asked to train other coaches of all experience levels. Elle is a subject matter expert on international agricultural trade, which doesn’t come up much. She lives in Washington, DC with her dog Penny, who is the most beautiful dog in the world, obviously. And a great family, but the dog is hard to beat.