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Performance, Improvement, Humor,
and Insights that
Drive Action!

"This was the most practical, useful, and fun talk we've had. You have great information!"
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Performance, Workplace Culture, & Leadership Strategies that Unlock Your Team's Genius

Elle O'Flaherty is an expert on performance and leadership with an ADHD subspecialty. 
She helps audiences to make lasting changes that uncover their genius, overcome challenges, and accelerate their organization's growth.
Engaging and funny, performance strategist keynote speaker and workplace satisfaction leader Elle O'Flaherty delivers a game-changing message that interweaves real-world examples and cutting-edge research.
Elle's presentations are full of insights, highly interactive, and fun. She helps her clients tailor their professional life to their unique brain, allowing their talents and genius to shine.
All of Elle's Programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Frequent Speaking Topics:

Spekig Topics

Managing Up Like a Boss 
The Art of Influencing &
Leading Your Superiors

Lead to Mentor,
Mentor to Lead 
The Link for Career Success

Networking at this Conference
Build Your Connections and Advance Your Career Today (Literally)

ADHD, the Unsung Professional Asset
Push Past Procrastination and Harness Hyperfocus

"We have 500% more registrations than we've ever had before!"

Elle presents topics that grab people's attention and teaches strategies to get the most out of your team.

 Performance Accelerator 

Unbound Genius

Replace Your Struggle with Your Spark

Powerful ways to uncover your sparks of genius and harness them for growth.

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote

Live Streaming | Webinar

This program is perfect for:

  • Employee motivation and performance optimization.

  • Executives and leadership teams who want to improve performance and communication.

The audience will leave with:

  • Quantitative Research to understand how the brain responds in times of stress and when tapped into its genius to improve performance under any circumstance.

  • Practical Tools to uncover your sparks of genius now.

  • Your Personal Plan to lean into your strengths for greater work and life satisfaction.

  • Greater Understanding of how to lead and interact with diverse colleagues and their unique sparks of genius.


Every attendee leaves with their own Unbound Genius workbook filled with exercises to reveal their sparks of genius and tools to lean into their strengths.

We are out of touch with our genius! When you ask children what they're good at, they'll rattle off a list of things without pause. By the time we're adults, however, we've been taught how we "should" do things, and we've built our work and our days based on the modeling we've received from others. This causes us to lose touch with our inherent brain wiring and strengths, which leads to lower performance and less life satisfaction.


Join performance optimization and workplace satisfaction strategist Elle O'Flaherty in this high-power keynote, where she explores neuroscience research, tools to connect with your untapped potential, and a practical approach to realign your life to your strengths. By understanding why and how your brain likes to work, you will transform areas of struggle into satisfaction. Your new learning will also help you understand those around you and draw out their best.


This keynote has it all - energy, engagement, and a personal plan of action for every attendee. 

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The Era of You
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 Workplace Satisfaction 

 Productivity Accelerator 

The Era of You

It's Your Time to Choose

How your choices direct your life and what you can do about it.

Program Delivery: Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote 

Live Streaming | Webinar

This program is perfect for:

  • Employee motivation and productivity optimization.

  • Executives and leadership teams who want to improve personal and organizational productivity.


The audience will leave with:

  • Quantitative Research on how the brain responds to overwhelm and under stimulation. 

  • Practical Tools to solidify goals and priorities, stay motivated, and make intentional choices to support professional and personal growth.

  • Greater Understanding of personal needs and how to make choices not based on guilt or outside pressures.

  • Personal Action Plan to align actions, goals, and priorities.


Every attendee will receive an Era of You workbook filled with exercises to set goals and priorities and tools to decide how to spend their time consciously.


Is zoned out the new normal? In a time when we carry distraction devices in our pockets, we have grown less focused on the present and more likely to make unintentional choices day-to-day. At the same time, we're protecting ourselves from the overwhelming amount of information and life complications we face by numbing ourselves out to the moment. Our best selves can't take charge of our life journey while we are distracted and numb. Life is happening to us.


Join performance optimization and workplace satisfaction strategist Elle O'Flaherty in this thought-provoking keynote that will make you challenge your everyday choices. Explore what neuroscience and behavioral science tell us about how humans respond to overwhelming and understimulating situations. Uncover your goals and priorities and learn strategies to motivate yourself to make choices that move you towards those goals. Learn to appreciate your needs and make decisions without guilt or external pressure. You will walk away with an action plan for moving from zoned out to shaping your life.


This high-energy keynote leaves attendees motivated, optimistic, and ready to start their personal plans of action.

Productivity Push

 Productivity Accelerator 

Productivity Push 

Taming Your Tasks & Slaying the Procrastination Monster

Learn the tools you need to quit stalling
and start doing.

  • Understand what you're really doing when you procrastinate.

  • Learn the 5 ways to motivate yourself.

  • Practice strategies for when the monster comes again.

The ADHD of Everyone

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

 Performance Accelerator 

 Productivity Accelerator 

The ADHD of Everyone  

How to Leverage Your ADHD Team or
Anyone Working Under Stress

Executive function challenges inherent to ADHD can happen to anyone under stress.
Here's what to do.

  • Learn the fundamentals of ADHD and executive function.

  • Gain tools to improve executive function.

  • Understand how to make an ADHD/executive function-friendly workplace.

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