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ADHD Coaching

"You have a turbo-charged mind – like a Ferrari engine,

but the brakes of a bicycle, and I'm the break expert."

- Dr. Edward Hallowell

ADHD is a strength. Too many (most) well-intentioned psychiatrists, therapists, teachers, and others in our lives only know enough about our neurodivergence to want to "fix" it. Too few recognize the incredible creativity, problem-solving, optimism, and unbridled desire to help others - among many other superpowers - that come with ADHD.

Our coaching includes:

  • Strengths-based coaching that builds on your superpowers.

  • Identifying and creating systems and tools for areas that may need support.

  • Educating you and your support network about ADHD.

  • Significant progress in life, career, and relationships.

  • Coaching both for those utilizing medication and for those who do not.

Our coaching style is co-active. You own the process, and we assume that you are the world's leading expert on your life. We give you information on ADHD, collaboratively design supporting tools and systems, challenge assumptions, and notice themes and emotions.

Typical Coaching Steps:

  • Identifying what you would like to achieve through coaching.

  • Letting go of negative self-talk.

  • Recognizing when something isn't working for your brain wiring.

  • Trying new tools and systems to find what works best for you.


This coaching style requires you to take ownership of the process, tackle whatever comes up head-on, and commit to doing the work outside our sessions. 


Our coaches work with adults who want new tools to accel professionally, personally, and to discover and utilize their genius.


Please take a moment to meet our team and schedule a complimentary consultation:

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How to Explain ADHD

- courtesy of How to ADHD


This video explains our brain for ourselves and our supporters. 


If you're new to the ADHD community, or looking to learn more, here are some resources I highly recommend that are ADHD-friendly and accessible for different learning styles.

how to adhd.jpg

How to ADHD

Jessica McCabe's easy to watch and easy to understand YouTube channel full of strengths and strategies.


ADDitude Magazine

Great articles and resources to support the ADHD community.



An excellent organization teaching about and advocating for folks with ADHD. 

What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADD/ADHD | What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? from Understood YouTube Channel

ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus | Huberman Lab Podcast #37 Magazine

Common myths, the biology and psychology of ADHD.

ADHD Videos on YT 

A YouTube channel focused on ADHD videos of Dr. Russell Barkley's lectures   

Let's talk about harnessing your strengths
to overcome any challenges.

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