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Elle O'Flaherty, JD, PCC, CCSP, CPRW

ADHD | Executive | Career 

ADHD Coach


After a 17+ year legal career and certifications in ICF-accredited executive coaching,

career coaching, and ADHD coaching, Elle O'Flaherty founded Interlace Solutions

Coaching to help people get out of ruts and learn new ways to use their strengths.


Elle uses traditional coaching and practical career guidance, assessments,

interactive 360 feedback, follow-on exercises, and reading to compliment her

practice.  She coaches professionals from c-suite executives to recent graduates

with the unique experience of having been an applicant, regular interview panelist,

and former federal hiring manager. Her single greatest advice from this

experience is: don't wear a flannel shirt to an interview. She weaves humor into

her coaching to put clients at ease while tackling tough issues.

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ADHD Speaker & Trainer

Elle is a sought-after speaker for trainings and webinars where she consistently draws large crowds and participants walk away with implementable information. Elle trains in various topics, including teaching coaches to work with ADHD clients, improve managerial feedback and staff relationships, and network. 


ADHD Executive Coach and Career Coach 


Elle sees high school through professional-aged clients. She coaches around building upon ADHD strengths and incorporating tools to overcome any difficulties. She also coached on professional and leadership skills, performance improvement, strengthening teams, career pivots, stress reduction, and work/life balance, among many other areas. She collaborates with clients to create goals and action plans to guide their success. Every client has access to the Interlace Solutions Client Portal, where they can measure their progress, access additional resources, take session notes, and see upcoming appointments in one place.

Elle lives in Washington, DC, and has a dog named Penny, who is the most beautiful dog in the world, obviously. And a great family, but the dog is hard to beat.

Elle O'Flaherty - Credentials

 Professional Certified Coach | International Coaching Federation

 Certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance | American University 

 Associate Certified Coach | International Federation of Coaches

 Certified Career Services Provider | National Career Development Association 

 Certified Professional Resume Writer | Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches

 Certified Professional Career Coach | Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches

 Certified Digital Career Strategist | Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches

 Member | Virginia State Bar

Robyn Sotolov, LCOP

Executive | Career 

Robyn Sotolov, LCOP.png

Robyn Sotolov is an ICF-accredited executive leadership and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator coach.  She brings with her nearly 15 years of US and international experience working for the Federal government, focusing on foreign affairs, which followed her time acquiring a Master’s Degree in Security and Conflict Resolution from the George Washington University and a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Robyn is passionate about her clients’ ability to find solutions and paths forward within themselves, and is skilled at partnering with them to proactively

remove obstacles that stand in the way of their progress.  She's

adept at creating safe and trusting environments, and focuses on

identifying her clients' strengths and values, which help them rely on

their own unique characteristics to attain their goals.  Her practice

incorporates traditional coaching, formal assessments, action plans

and reading; all clients will also have access to the Interlace

Solutions Client Portal where they can measure their progress,

access additional resources, session notes, and upcoming

appointments in one place. 

In addition to the time she devotes to coaching, Robyn loves to

travel, hike, box, cook, and read, and spends a fair amount of her

time collecting photos of and traveling to California to spend time

with her three adorable nieces. She lives in Alexandria, VA, and can

often be found saying yes to any adventure that crosses her path.

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