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Career Coaching 

Our coaches help you design pragmatic strategies to advance your career. We will walk you through exercises to figure out your career aspirations, set goals to take you in that direction, and help you create realistic action plans to take the steps you need to succeed. Our job is to support you as you make these changes, offer suggestions to accelerate your growth, provide accountability, and to help you gain the confidence to take action.


Common topics we address through coaching include:

  • Career Pivot

  • Career Path Design

  • Performance Improvement

  • Presentation Skills

  • Interviewing

  • Networking

  • LinkedIn

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Job Transitions

When you become a client, you will have access to the Interlace Solutions Client Portal, a technology-forward coaching platform filled with courses, exercises, information and additional resources. You may choose to add action items, metrics, and other tools to measure your progress.

Please take a moment to schedule a free consultation:

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Career Strategy 

Work with me to assess your skills and strengths, determine the next steps in your career, and create an actionable strategy to get you there.

Career Change

It is absolutely possible to make a significant pivot midway through your career.  We will clarify what change you would like to make and give you the skills and confidence to successfully make the leap.

Job Search

I will teach you the best tools and techniques to conduct a job search, brand yourself as a candidate, network, and submit your application in a way that markets you to hiring managers.

Interviewing Skills

Combining technology-forward tools with one-on-one mock interviews and feedback we will prepare you to walk into an interview feeling confident with polished answers that show the return on investment an organization will have by hiring you.


In addition to writing and optimizing your profile for recruiters and hiring managers, I will show you why LinkedIn is the most important online job posting platform and how to leverage it to your benefit.

Targeted networking 

Targeted networking without cold contacts including preparing you with a goal going into your meetings, powerful questions to draw in your interviewee, and a solid ask to end the meeting.

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