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Resume Writing

My approach to resume writing is substantially different than others in the field. Rather than writing based on a form, I do a two-hour, deep dive interview where I ask questions about every aspect of your career to tease out your accomplishments. Every client to date has left something significant off their resume. I also offer unlimited edits and a follow-up meeting to teach you both how to score well with digital scanning software and how to efficiently tweak your resume for each successive application. I am not aware of any colleague who takes as much time interviewing clients or crafting their document; I spend 5-10x longer per client than every resume writer I have come across, and it shows. 

I offer two distinctly different resume writing services: hourly rewrites and complete packages. I recommend hourly rewrites for those seeking minor updates, internal promotions, and slight tweaks. My full resume packages are a total rewrite and reformatting that will benefit clients who are having trouble getting interviews and who want a truly polished document. I am happy to review your resume and recommend the package that will meet your needs with feedback on how I would like to make improvements. I offer packages for private sector, Federal, and recent graduates.

Feeling confident about your resume is the cornerstone of effective networking and successfully applying for jobs. Clients constantly tell me that focusing on all they've accomplished during their careers and having it framed for them in a way that shows their value to an employer is incredibly uplifting. It is often one of the most critical phases of their career search.

What People Say

"Elle is the Rumpelstiltskin of résumés: She turned my straw into gold. Hours after submitting my Elle-revised résumé, I received an email from a potential employer inviting me to interview for the job I wanted."

- Career Change Client

Work Samples

Original client resume before rewrites:
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journalist resume, resume writer, resume writing, resume rewrites
Resume after rewrites:
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reporter after example_Page_1.jpg
Modern resume format (recommended for networking and applying directly to hiring managers):
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Federal IT executive resume (part of SES package):
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modern resume, executive resume, defense resume, contractor resume
federal resume, federal IT resume, federal executive resume
Parent returning to work:
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Parent Returning to Work_Page_1.jpg
Career pivot:
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career change resume

Clients include professionals from...

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