ADHD Coaching

"You have a turbo charged mind – like a Ferrari engine, but the brakes of a bicycle, and I'm the break expert." - Dr. Edward Hallowell

ADHD is a strength. Too many (most) well-intentioned psychiatrists, therapists, teachers, and others in our lives only know enough about our neurodivergence to want to "fix" it. Too few recognize the amazing creativity, problem solving, optimism, and unbridled desire to help others - among many other super powers - that come with ADHD.


To teach you about your super powers, my coaching includes:

  • Strengths-based coaching - building on strengths, not focusing on weaknesses.

  • Identifying and creating systems and tools for areas that may need support.

  • Educating clients and their support network about ADHD..

  • Significant progress in life, career, and relationships.

  • Coaching for those utilizing medication and those who choose not to medicate.

My coaching style is co-active. This means that the client owns the process and I assume that my clients are whole, creative people who are the experts in their lives. I assist clients by providing information on ADHD, collaboratively designing supporting tools, challenging assumptions, and noticing themes and emotions.

Common coaching steps:

  • Setting overarching goals for our work together.

  • Breaking down goals into subcomponents so we can work on one step at a time. 

  • Choosing the goal to focus on during our coaching session.

  • Creating a specific action plan with any tools or systems necessary to keep moving forward.


This style of coaching requires a client who takes ownership of the process, is ready to tackle whatever comes up head-on, and commitment to do the work outside our sessions. For this reason, I ask both of us to commit to an ongoing coaching relationship for an agreed amount of time. I find that working with clients sporadically and without an overall plan is not effective at making lasting changes.


ADHD coaching is appropriate for all adults from those transitioning to college, moving into the professional work, new parents, those who want to accelerate their career progression, and people transitioning into retirement. Every age can benefit from coaching. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we may best work together. 

How to Explain ADHD - courtesy of How to ADHD
This video explains our brain for ourselves and our supporters. 


If you're new to the ADHD community, or looking to learn more, here are some resources I highly recommend that are ADHD-friendly and accessible for different learning styles.

how to adhd

How to ADHD - Jessica McCabe's easy to watch and easy to understand YouTube channel full of strengths and strategies.

ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude Magazine - great articles and resources to support the ADHD community.


CHADD - an excellent organization teaching about and advocating for folks with ADHD.

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