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Executive Coaching 

Using a co-active coaching model, we will work in partnership to identify what's holding you back, determine your goals, discover the why behind the what, and create strategies and actionable plans to move forward.


Incorporating assessments, 360 feedback, and metrics that are always available in your client portal, we will measure your progress and adjust strategies throughout our work. In a supportive space we will work together to recognize patterns, challenge assumptions, and grow your potential.

Coaching can include a wide range of activities including broad thinking about the shape and direction of your career, leadership skills, transitioning to new positions, addressing feedback given and received by supervisors and staff, and building sustainable balance in your life, among many other areas. Please be prepared that coaching requires your time and will necessitate continued work after each session to push your progress forward.

Coaching is an investment that pays dividends financially with your professional growth, personally with increased job satisfaction, and to your overall happiness. Please book a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals, my process, and how we can best work together.

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Get Started. Let's discuss your goals, my process, and how we can best work together.

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