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Leadership | Performance | Productivity | Confidence Communication | ADHD | Executive Function

Career Pivot | Work/Life Balance | Executive Teams

Uniquely cross-trained in three coaching sub-specialties, our coaches connect with executives, leaders, and professionals to accelerate their growth. Most clients' goals interweave career, life, and personal achievements and benefit from our multifocal approach.


We help clients see challenges in new ways and use their strengths to make progress. Our subspecialty is working with professionals from the ADHD community.

Select Areas of Expertise

Keynote | Facilitation | Executive Teams Leadership | Performance | Productivity

Confidence | Communication | Career Pivot  ADHD | Executive Function | Work/Life Balance

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Executive | ADHD | Career

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Elle O'Flaherty is a performance optimization and career satisfaction speaker who guides audiences to make lasting changes and accelerate their growth.

Elle delivers fun presentations that interweave the life-changing with the practical. Audiences leave energized and eager to implement their learning. Combining real-world examples and peer-reviewed research, Elle shows how to tap into each person's invaluable talent to supercharge your organization's success.

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Clients include professionals from...

What People Are Saying

Board Member

Elle spoke . . . on this topic in 2022, and it was one of the highest attended and most popular sessions of the year. She's a great presenter, and provides lots of tips and tools that you can use with clients tomorrow.

- Karen Chopra, MACCA
Karen Chopra.jpg

Coaching Client

Besides tangible accomplishments like bringing home a higher salary and landing a dream job, she helps her clients identify unhelpful work beliefs rooted in unhealthy habits, childhood beliefs that no longer serve you, etc. she’s trauma informed and compassionate around tough issues.
- Shannon-Marie Miglarese, Strategic Pricing Analyst
Shannon-Marie Miglarese.jpg

Coaching Client

I wound up taking an offer with a local startup, which fit my ideal criteria and then some.  I couldn't have done it without your support and coaching. It really turns out that being authentic, genuine, and... myself, is really what I need to do in order to make a splash out here.  Thank you for showing me the way.
- Eric Anderton, 
DevOps Senior Manager, Sony

Training Provider

Great session yesterday. You sure are a master of this material. I am so glad that [professional speaker] recommended you!
- Dr. Janet Wall, CEO, Career Planning Academy
Janet Wall.jpg

Training Coordinator

Thanks so much for providing such an AWESOME training session! I thoroughly enjoyed the training and walked away with lots of great information and helpful tips . . . . This is the highest registration we’ve ever had for a webinar!
- Kimberley Stevenson, Human Resources Specialist, USDA
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