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How do you harness the strengths of ADHD?

Build on your superpowers to address challenges.

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We often have difficulty seeing all the possibilities in ourselves and the creative ways we can use our strengths. Each of us comes with our own perspective and mental models that may get in the way of identifying opportunities and solutions. Coaching helps clients achieve transformative goals, accelerate performance, and grow leadership skills.


We will work as partners to identify goals and create action plans for measurable, sustainable change using the latest coaching techniques and technology-forward programs. By looking at not just the what but the underlying why we can discover what's driving our actions. Understanding that driving factor is critical to making sustainable improvements.

Select Areas of Expertise

ADHD | Executive Function | Professional Performance | Academic Performance Career Development & Change | Work/Life Balance | Communication

Leadership | Professional Confidence | Productivity

Clients include professionals from...

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What People Are Saying

ADHD Client

I feel like I’m getting value out of every session . . . setting aside some quiet time to not only do the homework, but to open my imagination to the possibilities beyond just the construct I’m used to or the assumptions I have used in the past to bound my decisions.

Career Coaching Client 

Elle is an incredibly caring and talented professional. Engaging her significantly impacted my job seeking journey for the better. Additionally, I told my husband some of her tips and he was also able to secure a federal job (one he has been trying to get for nearly 7 years)! We are so grateful and would recommend Elle to everyone and anyone.

Client 8

Training Coordinator

Client 2

Thanks so much for providing such an AWESOME training session! I thoroughly enjoyed the training and walked away with lots of great information and helpful tips . . . . This is the highest registration we’ve ever had for a webinar!

Coaching Client

Client 3

Without your help I don’t know how long it would have been before I had the courage to just start applying. Your coaching helped me realize my potential and that I have more career options than I thought. I owe a lot to you and I am so glad we had those sessions. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who could use career coaching and will connect again if I need more help down the line.  Keep up the good work and thank you again!

Your ADHD comes with superpowers!
Let's talk about using them to address challenges.

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