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Executive · ADHD · Career


Executive | ADHD | Career

Interlace Solutions offers a uniquely tailored coaching experience to meet your needs. Our training across three coaching subspecialties - executive, career, and ADHD - allows us to help you reach your goals in career, life, and personal achievements. We're experienced in working with clients from a huge variety of industries, helping us connect with executives, leaders, and professionals to accelerate their growth.

Although we work with many different clients, we specialize in helping senior professionals and executives, and members of the ADHD community. We're well-equipped to address unique challenges and support you in overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals. 

Join us on the journey towards realizing your full personal and professional potential.

Select Areas of Expertise

Leadership | Performance | Productivity | Motivation Communication | ADHD | Executive Function

Career Pivot | Work/Life Balance | Executive Teams

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Keynote | Breakout | Facilitation

Elle O'Flaherty is a performance optimization and career satisfaction speaker who guides audiences to make lasting changes and accelerate their growth.

Elle delivers fun presentations that interweave the life-changing with the practical. Audiences leave energized and eager to implement their learning. Combining real-world examples and peer-reviewed research, Elle shows how to tap into each person's invaluable talent to supercharge your organization's success.

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Clients include professionals from...

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"[My coach] provided me with a roadmap to start a new chapter in my career and gave me the support I needed to take charge of the process and get a job that I am really excited about. She was instrumental in building my confidence and helping me with my resume, interviewing, and networking skills to navigate the complexity of finding the right job for me at this point in my career. 

- Elissa Bard, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

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